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Modular System for Parking and Charging 

Parking and Charging Station for Scooters


3d electric scooter charging station design with sign boards and roofing.
QUICK front view: parking and recharging VMPs

QUICK, a parking and charging solution for personal mobility electric vehicles (PMV). QUICK adapts to different public (e.g. municipalities) and private (e.g. tourist resorts) customers at hardware (the station itself, materials, sensors, etc.) and software (the user app and the control platform for managers) level to enhance the multimodality and sustainability of urban transport.

QUICK consists of 2 groups of elements:

  • The QUICK station (basic, upper and solar module).
  • The digital tools (platform and mobile app)

In addition, there may be other auxiliary elements that complement the QUICK offer, depending on the type of client or implementation project, for example: i) Additional sensors: air quality monitoring, cameras…, ii) Additional functional furniture: Click&Collect, garbage cans, benches, information screens of other transports… or iii) Proprietary and customized fleet of scooters. In case there is no kick-sharing company operating in the area, the public or private client can decide to have their own fleet.

Basic module: It includes the structure resistant to adverse weather conditions, anti-vandalism protection, electronic security locks and devices for VMP charging. It has capacity for 10 vehicles.

3d of electric scooter charging station basic module

Upper module: Includes an additional structure with panels to place corporate or promotional content and roofs to protect vehicles from rain or sun.

3d front view of electric scooter charging station with sign boards

Other valuable additions: Includes auxiliary power supply through the use of solar panels or lockers for helmet storage or wiring for bicycle storage and other special VMPs.

3d electric scooter station with solar panels and own lockers

The modularity of the devices makes it possible to expand and combine each of them to adapt to the desired capacity needs. Through the QUICK app, users can check in real time the number of available spaces, reserve them for a specific time slot or manage the loading of their vehicles.