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QUICK Stations Dos Hermanas

In this project QUICK is presented to promote sustainable mobility routes within the municipality of Dos Hermanas, reducing the use of combustion vehicles, more polluting and larger volume in small routes.

Through the installation of charging stations and parking for bicycles and electric scooters, a solution for the management of micro mobility is presented, allowing a significant alternative to limit traffic in urban areas, reducing pollution, congestion and ultimately respecting the environment.

Location: Municipal Public Library, Estación de Colón and Montequino de Dos Hermanas Food Market, Seville.

Implementation date: January 2024

Objective: Aid to support markets and urban commercial areas in Dos Hermanas.

Estación QUICK en La Biblioteca Pública Municipal, Dos Hermanas, Sevilla

Estación scooters de QUICK en Colón, Dos Hermanas, Sevilla

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