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The general objective of this project at a scientific and technological level is the research, development and validation in real environments of a cyber-physical infrastructure (hardware and software) to promote micro-mobility in industrial environments, applicable to the Smart City and other consumer environments. Through the implementation of an intelligent and photovoltaic station for parking, charging and automatic disinfection of personal mobility vehicles (PMVs), carried out through a process of co-creation between the companies of the consortium: Métrica6 Ingeniería y Desarrollos S.L. and California Innovation Group.

Location: City Council of Malaga, Tabacalera, Malaga.

Implementation date: November 2023

Objective: The result of this project has been the design, installation and validation of a system for parking, charging and disinfection of e-scooters, as a way of improving sustainable mobility and air quality in the city.

Estación scooters de QUICK en Málaga