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Devices that make up iMIND and its management platform

How does iMIND work?

The iMIND devices and platform are specific to each project, and can be customized for each application, thus achieving the highest efficiency at the lowest cost. These adaptations include: the sensors included in each module, the management of the data collected, the integration of the corporate or municipal image, the use of specific materials and finishes, the type of power supply of the modules, the communication protocols, the installation options or the commercial conditions offered.

Beyond the technological catalog shown, classified by main applications for each module, there is the possibility of creating combinations of them. For example, integrating light and noise sensors in the influx monitoring module or including air quality measurement sensors in a scooter station, in order to see the positive impact of sustainable mobility.

iMIND collaborates with agents, administrators and users to generate transversal implementations. In this sense, iMIND is designed with high integration capabilities in implementations or third-party systems. In this way, for example, it is possible to decide that the devices send the information to servers external to the platform or integrate third-party devices into the platform, expanding the potential for generating intelligent, safe and sustainable environments.